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Referral Process

1. Complete the referral form and submit to us. 

2. Our team will assess the referral and arrange a meeting with the school (or other appropriate setting) and the young person to establish their needs.

3. The student and their parent/carer is invited to visit the school to meet the staff.

4. The young person will  begin their placement with us, subject to ongoing review.


For any further information, please contact our Behaviour and Safe-guarding Lead, Josh Carter at

For a referral form, please click below:


Attendance/Punctuality                                                                                          Progress                                                                     Communication/Registration

Attendance is one of the biggest barriers to learning. We will provide the school or educational setting with daily  contact regarding attendance updates and actions. If a student is unable to attend school we ask that parents/carers inform us of as soon as possible.

Regular reviews take place to monitor the effectiveness of the placement and plans for reintegration into mainstream  education. Schools and parents/carers are provided with weekly updates on the young person's progress.

The young person will remain on the role of their current school or educational setting throughout their placement. Communication is key: schools, other agencies, parents/carers and the young person will be involved throughout the process.

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For any further information, please contact us at

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