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Gathering feedback from the whole school community is vitally important to us as we value everybody’s opinion and see it as an integral part of our school development. 

Invested Education is a listening school and we want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, we therefore gather feedback from pupils, parents/carers and other stakeholders regularly and use it to shape our operational and strategic thinking.

Group Discussion

Pupil Feedback

Getting students opinions about the provision we offer is very important to us.  In our recent student survey (June 2023):

100% of students agreed that if something was wrong there is an adult at school they can talk to.  

100% said that bullying rarely happens and if it does the staff are good at dealing with it.

100% said that they feel safe at Invested education

100% agreed that Invested Education encourages them to be independent and to take on responsibilities

When asked to say what is good about Invested Education students identified the following:

"it is a good place to work"

"The staff are cool and good and the activities we do are fun."

"It’s a friendly environment"

"Our staff are very supportive of our needs."

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Parental Feedback

We actively seek out a close working relationship with the parents of all of our students.  One of the ways we seek their views is our parental survey.  In the last Parental survey in June 2023:

100% parents reported that their child was happy at Invested Education

100% said that their child felt safe at school

100% said that whenever they've raised a concern it has been dealt with promptly

100% stated that they would recommend Invested Education to another parent.

When asked to comment what is good at Invested Education Parents identified the following:

"The school has created a nurturing and safe environment where children can get the best out of themselves, they help create confidence and self belief at a pace which suits the child. They help them regain trust in teachers and learning and to start enjoying school life again."

"They take time to listen to my child, even though he has problems they listen and try to understand him."

"Invested have supported my child throughout and made him feel comfortable and accepted and that has helped him to the end of his school years"

Fists in Solidarity

Partner Orgnaisations

Invested are a very pupil orientated provider with a strong emphasis on welfare and pastoral care. The daily communication and weekly reports provide a great insight as to how pupils are progressing. The staff are friendly and approachable and are always willing to go the extra mile to support our pupils. I would highly recommend Invested to other schools who are looking for a high quality alternative education provider.
G Ankers, Deputy Headteacher, Northfield School


I have had experience with Invested supporting two young people who significantly struggled with attending and engaging in education. Both have had fantastic results. The team has worked incredibly hard to support the young people to feel wanted & valued in education, something they have not experienced before. 

Invested support my young people to develop positive relationships, and see education in a new light, and have become more engaged and are able to achieve more positive results than previously. The school team communicate frequently and openly, and are solution based and flexible with each pupil to allow for individual success; we could not rate them higher.

N Deaton, Registered homes manager, Cambian.

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