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Directors of Invested Education

Invested Education is governed through the Directors and Proprietor, who are committed to the school and ensuring every learner receives the best possible education and achieves the best possible outcomes to prepare them for the next phase of their lives.


The board of directors is made up of the following members: 


  • The Chair 

  • Director 

  • Director 


They meet with Senior leaders regularly to offer support and challenge. They are committed to the principles of continuous school improvement.  The director board has three core strategic functions: 

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; 

  • Providing robust challenge to the Headteacher in relation to all aspects of the work of the school and specifically the educational performance of learners, the behaviour and safety of learners and the performance of all staff. 

  • Overseeing the financial management of the school and making sure that money is well spent. 

The main contact for the directors is through Stephen Morrison (Proprietor).


Michael Bowe


Stephen Morrison


David Lambert

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