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Conference presentation

School Attendance

Invested Education believes that in order to facilitate teaching and learning, good attendance is essential. 

Students cannot achieve their full potential if they do not regularly attend school. 


We understand that barriers to attendance are complex, and that some students find it harder than others to attend school; therefore, we will continue to prioritise cultivating a safe and supportive environment at Invested Education, as well as strong and trusting relationships with students and their families. We take a whole-school approach to securing good attendance, and recognise the impact that our efforts in other areas – such as the curriculum, behaviour standards, bullying, SEND support, pastoral support, and the effective use of resources such as pupil premium – can have on improving student attendance

Click here to view our Attendance policy

Click here to see a Blog by the Department for Education regarding attendance 

If you have any questions regarding attendance at school please contact Josh Carter (

or telephone 01642 502224

Attendance Matters


A student’s progress is severely hampered if they do not regularly attend the school. The school will communicate attendance data with students on a weekly basis.

To illustrate:

  • 90% attendance is an average of one day out of the school per fortnight over a school year.

  • 90% attendance over 5 years at Invested Education is half a school year missed.

  • 80% attendance over 5 years at Invested Education is the same as one whole school year missed.


Punctuality is extremely important. All students are required to arrive punctually by 9:00 am in the morning to enable a prompt start to tutor time at 9.15am. If a student arrives to the school after the close of registration at 9:30am, the session may be recorded as ‘U’ on the registration certificate which is an unauthorised absence and will impact on their overall attendance.

Students should

Attend every day

Be on time to school and to every lesson

Always try to come in, even if you're not feeling 100%

Always try to get a good nights sleep on a school night

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